• Lampion

Lampion Center

This Non Profit organization selected us to manage their entire commercial renovation. This large 11 month project was completed in 4 phases. Our team worked closely with Jennifer Childress, the Development Director at Lampion, to create a schedule that works with the Lampion Center’s operations. According to Jennifer, “We ultimately decided to choose Core because of the many, many hours Jeff Hatfield donated to us to ensure that we understood the process and chose products and renovations that we needed and were most financially wise.” The project which was done in 4 phases gave Lampion enough room to operate, while we made all the improvements they asked for (new flooring, new paint, new roof, new furniture, new roof, and much more). As a result, from their existing building, the nonprofit counseling agency gained 2000 sq. feet of unusable space and were able to increase their meeting and education space from 40 to 60 people. According to the Evansville Business Magazine, Jennifer Childress and the employees at Lampion “could not be more pleased with the work CORE has done for them.”